What’s Wrong With Using WordPress Themes?

What They Say Isn’t Really True. Nothing Is Wrong With Using WordPress Themes.

Although some of the things we hear are true; “Pre-built WordPress themes can have a lot of extra code which may slow down the website, or don’t function like you need them to.” What you don’t hear is how to remedy these situations. or you can create your own theme based off that original theme and change it to do almost anything. Anyone who has learned WordPress Development most likely started with modifying WordPress Themes or child-theming. I know we did. In fact, learning website development since the early part of the millennium often involved (still does today), finding something really cool on the web and modifying it to make your own. Not only did this cut down on development time, but in the end, it also cuts down on cost. Shh…. we said that.

Why Shouldn’t You Use A WordPress Theme?

First, we are not saying that you shouldn’t build a completely custom website. They can turn out amazing and web developers certainly can appreciate the work that goes into crafting everything from the ground up. Although, we can only think of two fantastic reasons you would want to.

  1. What you need hasn’t been done before.
  2. You just want something brand new that has only been born from your unique imagination.

Everything else we have learned to detect and avoid.  If anyone has any other reasons to include, or needs some help; we’d love to hear them. Please leave them in the comments below.


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Prebuilt WordPress Theme?


Why Would You Want To Recreate The Wheel? This Is 2016, Right?

When we started really using WordPress as our GO TO platform it was time to really dig in to test the limits. We coded everything from the ground up. We even didn’t want to use plugins for the fear of the plugin developers failing to support or update their product. Or, we could write better code than a lot of the plugins we reviewed. What did this mean? Very custom sites that took longer to develop and in the end had a much higher price tag.

What we’ve found is there are a lot of businesses out there that just can’t afford that high price just yet. They need a web presence and they need a web presence quick. By utilizing what is already built, it not only cuts down on development time and price; it also allows a new business owner to focus on all the things that need to happen after that website launch. All the other areas that help drive traffic to that website. Social media, business listings, content marketing, blogging, Organic and Paid SEO, and backlinking. You know, becoming visible and competitive to attract more people to your business or service.

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