What Does Automated Mean? A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Automation

Marketing is essential for all businesses. But it’s hard for one marketing professional or even a team to handle every aspect required in a marketing campaign. This is where marketing automation comes in.

Automated Marketing may seem confusing. But sooner or later, it will be the standard in the marketing industry.

Once you get your feet wet, you’ll realize it isn’t that difficult. But you should still know some basic knowledge first. There’s a lot to learn, but this guide provides the most essential facts.

What is marketing automation? And what does automated mean? Here’s your beginner’s guide.

What Does Automated Mean in Marketing?

Automated Marketing doesn’t embody a technique or even marketing skills. It’s a type of software.

This software streamline automates and measures all tasks specific to marketing. This is done to make your marketing campaign more efficient and receive more profit.

Automation software helps control all marketing efforts so they’re executed efficiently. This software can also handle multiple tasks, so you’re able to handle multiple marketing campaigns.

Facts and Myths

Marketing automation is at the forefront. While there are industry-known facts, many amateurs spread myths. Here’s what true and what isn’t.


Automation embodies many forms of marketing. The software streamlines and automates each task. The different types of marketing that can utilize automation software includes:

Since this software is so advanced, you can easily streamline your tasks while making each post, email, and status personalized and creative. This software doesn’t compromise branding or original content.

Are you bad with technology? Don’t worry — it’s user-friendly and easily accessible.


Many marketers still use archaic marketing practices because they assume automate marketing is boring and not creative. There’s no room for personalization or unique branding. This is untrue.

Many marketers also assume automated marketing is spammy. This is also untrue. Since you control the automation, you have the choice when sending, posting, or creating your marketing materials and how often you send them out.

Who Will Benefit From Marketing Automation?

Any business will get great use out of marketing automation software. Here’s a short list of those who will benefit from it:

  • Small business
  • Single-person or small-team marketing professionals
  • Marketing companies
  • Marketing and IT collaborations
  • Any business on the cloud
  • Businesses that prefer a flexible marketing strategy

There are also multiple automation platforms that are designed for businesses of all industries.

Try Marketing Automation Today!

Making the switch to automation software is difficult. Most marketers ask, what is automation in marketing? And, what does automated mean?

Well, it’s a software that improves the marketing process while offering personalization, branding, and creativity benefits.

It works with all marketing sectors, including social media, email, and content marketing.

Automation is recommended for all businesses and there are multiple software options available.

Are you ready to make the switch to marketing automation? Contact us today, and learn how we can handle all of your marketing needs.

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