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Famous on Insta: What Is Social Media Management and Why Do You Need It?

With the average small business spending around $75,000 a year on social media, it’s vital for you to make the most of every dollar. Small businesses who don’t understand what is social media management are sure to miss out. It is the most important and cost-effective way to connect. Your customers won’t just find you at random without you putting in work to get attention.

Here’s how a social media manager helps you to get the attention your brand deserves on Instagram, Twitter, and everywhere else.

1. Save Your Budget

When you start getting down to the nitty-gritty of ordering PPC services, buying ad space, or getting help from influencers, your marketing budget starts to balloon. Why hire an influencer instead of becoming on your own?

Everyone wants to stretch every dollar in their marketing budget and savvy marketers know the best way to spend on advertising is not to spend at all. When you invest in a social media manager, you get someone devoted to finding every low-cost and free way to get the word out about your brand. Your social media manager is essentially an influencer paid to work on creating brand awareness of just your brand.

As they work to build your brand, they’re a one-person promotional parade, telling the world about you in the most efficient way possible. As they dig into what’s happening in digital promotion, they’re going to find ways to target your audience with ninja-like accuracy.

Since most of your customers end up doing research about products online before they buy anything, they’re going to want to find out more about you. If you don’t spend money to have a social media manager get the word out, your audience won’t find a strong presence online. When you hire a social media manager, your online presence will have resonance, be up to date, and have all the information that your clients are looking for.

2. Promote Online with a Better Strategy

While you might think that you know how your customers do business online, you need someone who really knows about how social media works. Just because 1,000 people say they’re interested in your weekend flash sale doesn’t mean that 1,000 people are going to show up. You need to have a sincere engagement with customers to get their attention.

Just putting up content and links isn’t enough to get the attention of an online audience constantly being sold to. They need something more substantial that they can identify with. Rather than just blasting content out there. Your social media manager ensures that you’re making all the right moves to attract and engage people.

Detailed research about trends, your audiences, and your target market ensure that your promotions hit your customers right in the wallet. Social media managers know how to follow trends, know when ones to stay away from, and where your next wave of customers is going to come from.

3. Build a Strong Reputation

One of the most important elements of any business that has an online presence is the management of reputation. People use social media to ask questions, voice concerns, and give feedback to brands all the time. It’s vital for small or emerging brands to make a great impression with customers.

When your customers reach out to you, for good or for ill, you need to have a response that matches your brand voice. Every brand needs to have a strong and confident voice, like a well-written character in a movie or TV show.

This dictates what your customers’ expectations will be as they work with you in the future. It also tells other brands, businesses, and influencers what to expect from you in the market. If you have a strong and unique voice, they won’t try to ape you. They’ll engage with you with awe and respect.

People don’t trust brands. Social media gives you the opportunity to put a human voice behind your brand. By responding to comments, your social media manager starts conversations, shows your customers new things about your products, and expands your presence.

4. Powerful SEO

Search engines determine how well a brand does online by posting their content as the response to questions from search engine users. When your content is aimed at answering your customers’ most pertinent concerns. You’ll capture those searches and position your brand as a problem solver.

If someone uses a search engine, they’re either asking a question or searching for a specific product. When you create content, your writing and posting should answer common questions with your products or services as the answer.

Your social media manager driving the content that you create and what you post, you get the chance to appear in lots of search results. SEO should be driven by your social media manager so that you’re always posting relevant content online.

Your social media manager ensures that you’re posting content constantly and consistently. They’ll create a roadmap connected to a calendar, outlining what content should be created and when. You’ll connect with your customer base as the most relevant times and get their attention during peak social media engagement.

Search engine optimization is a constant battle, much like social media. When you have someone who has crafted and honed your brand voice. You ensure that you’re able to connect with your audience consistently, time after time.

Still Asking What is Social Media Management?

If you’re still unclear on what is social media management and how it helps your business. It’s time to look at your online business profile. If you haven’t been prioritizing your position online, you need to start making that your number one focus in 2019.

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