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Artificial Intelligence is the fuel your Marketing Strategy is Missing

Accurate Web Solution is an AI-based digital marketing agency. Artificial intelligence marketing leverages customer data to anticipate your customer’s next move and improve the customer journey. We aim to enable companies to make better business decisions by capitalizing on advancements in Artificial Intelligence and embedding AI technologies like machine learning solutions across Omni-channels while improving customer satisfaction. We drive to get to market faster, simplify complicated business processes, and solve more problems with less money. We work for medium to big size companies to optimize Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, and Online Sales using Artificial Intelligence to get more sense in a Big Data environment. We combine our expertise in strategies with machine learning, and the result is ROI and value for our Clients in Google Search Engine Marketing.


Get your sales reps focused on the deals they can close

See immediate improvements in MQL to SQL efficiency by automatically prioritizing the best leads for your sales team and filtering out the unqualified leads.

Invest your money in campaigns generating great leads

Stop waiting for long sales cycles to play out. Predictive lead scoring gives you instant feedback on which campaigns and programs are producing high-quality prospects so you can double down on what’s working.

Uncover in-market buyers trapped in nurture campaigns

You know there are prospects in your database who are just about ready to buy but haven’t raised their hand. We can tell you exactly who they are.

Get a clear view of your true target buyer profile

Automatically generate buyer profiles based on data science.

Grow your pipeline with lead scoring that actually works

Lead Generation

Automatically generate buyer profiles based on data science.

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Connect your ERP/CRM for data preparation

Centralize your marketing reporting across advertising, social, CRM– and anything else in your mix. We take a holistic marketing intelligence approach– giving marketers one centralized platform to connect, unify, analyze and act on all their data– so the right KPIs and insights are easy to access and act upon. That’s the power of AI Marketing.

AI Data-Driven Marketing
Artificial Intelligence Marketing

Machine Learning applied for Functional AI

Our AI-powered marketing intelligence puts you in control to connect your data, report across channels and campaigns, and surface the right insights instantly. You can now make smarter decisions at the speed of your customer.

Strategy indicators with Data Visualization

With AI Marketing gain cross-channel visibility to see which channels, campaigns, and content best drive your KPIs.

AI Data-Driven marketing

Right actions to help sales and marketing

Optimize performance by making your data actionable with goals, pacing, alerts, chat– and more.


Building out on Data can be a Headache. Accurate Web Solution can Relieve that pain!

We resort to Business intelligence (BI), a technology-driven process that takes data and transforms it into insight, and makes strategic and tactical business decisions for you. BI tools access and analyze data sets and present analytical findings in reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps to provide users with detailed intelligence about the state of the business.  
On the other hand, Data Science generates insights out of data that the human often cannot see. It could be complicated, descriptive analytics, finding relations between multiple variables and events, or the result could be a predictive model. The data can be a combination of internal and external data, and it may very well include unstructured data sources like documents, pictures, or videos. The output is often not a report, but rather a Machine Learning model, i.e., a piece of an algorithm that has learned to recognize fraud, predict customer profitability or determine the next best offer to present to customers.

Predicting results just got better with the advent of Data Science eliminating the chance of human error completely

If your business is not tuned in to using the most contemporary technological solutions, then you have a problem. Mechanizing processes make them more efficient, and now machines have a mind of their own and can significantly increase your returns, improve your customer service, and speed up processes a great ton. Qualified analysts at Accurate Web Solution can create effective BI strategies for making strategic business decisions.

Business intelligence
Business Intelligence with help of AI


If you are experiencing problems in specific business areas and need expert advice, that’s what we are here for! Whether you need us to analyze processes, financial data, or strategies, we can help you with all of it and at a very reasonable price. It is imperative to revise procedures and processes which may not be working optimally as that can increase costs and decrease productivity. Let us know how we can help.

Automated Reporting Dashboards

Does your company have different data sources that are hard to see in one place? We are combining all the efforts and developing it into a robust single dashboard. You can get every unique insight on one dashboard. If you have a choice of your favorite application, we can build it there. Our past works have utilized Power BI, Grow, Dundas, Clic, Qlik, Klipfolio, Looker, Astera, and many others.

Database Structuring

Over the years we’ve encountered dozens of clients. To get the right type of KPI reporting the most important part is a structured database. Our indigenous minds can help you to build a remarkable structured process of storing your business data in the right way. Once your database is structured and appropriately built there are new horizons to take advantage of.


Cost Reduction

Spend your money where it matters.

Successful Customer Journey

Personalized customer journey with predictive marketing.

Increased Sales and Profits

Find the ROI on every marketing and sales effort.

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