Ecommerce Web Development Services

Who Will Benefit From Our Ecommerce Web Development Services?

Ecommerce Web Development Services

It’s not enough for a business to have superior products and services to offer to clients online, because the shopping experience which any user goes through is just as critical toward making sales, and for encouraging repeat purchases. That’s why our Accurate Web Solution development team ensures that the digital shopping experience is a very enjoyable one for any customer using your website.

We couple WordPress with WooCommerce to develop your customized website, so as to maximize the customer experience, to track sales efficiently, and to measure performance so important insights can be gained. Whatever it takes to design and develop an e-commerce website which will provide maximum performance, as well as an enjoyable customer experience, that will be the approach taken by our team of specialists. We provides bespoke e-commerce web development services to hundreds of businesses around the world

Any business which is building an online store, or which desires to re-design their existing online store, or even those which are transitioning from a brick-and-mortar establishment, will benefit greatly from having our team of specialists design and develop it for you. If your small business has less than 500 SKU’s, one of our template solutions will the most economical choice for you, and with more than 500, we can certainly develop a customized solution for you.

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Custom Ecommerce Websites

We have helped many small businesses establish their online stores by coupling WooCommerce with WordPress, to create an easily maintainable, attractive website. Our designs have maximized the customer’s shopping experience, while providing the kind of full functionality needed by the client. Although we have developed sites for both small and large customers, the majority of our clients have been in the category of small to medium-sized e-commerce vendors.

Security Is Built-In

When we design and develop an e-commerce website for you, security is not an add-on feature which is incorporated after the design. Right from the outset, we use a 10-step security protocol which will ensure that your website is kept safe and secure, beyond the reach of cyber criminals and all the malicious software floating around the Internet. We fully recognize the importance of security in this day and age, and that’s why it is emphasized as one of our essential building blocks.

Fully Inclusive Marketing Solution

When we partner with you to develop your e-commerce website, we will ensure that everything you need for an optimal customer experience as well as achieving your business objectives, is included on your e-commerce website. Whether that involves plug-ins and add-ons, integration with your CRM system, or a regular blog to interact with your customers, we’ll make sure it gets included and is optimized in every way. With everything under one roof, you’ll have a powerful online presence which appeals your customers and which delivers big benefits to your business


As everyone knows, being mobile-friendly is an absolute must in today’s world, given the fact that so much Internet browsing is done by mobile devices and smartphones. Our design and development team incorporates all necessary responsiveness so that your website can be displayed optimally, with no degradation of display. You won’t lose any potential customers because of poor appearance or poor functionality on mobile devices.

Expert Support

Each of our e-commerce development packages includes six months of maintenance and support, so that any issues encountered during that time frame can be quickly and easily managed. You will be entitled to a dedicated account manager who will ensure that all of your maintenance and support needs are addressed promptly, so that there is no downtime and that functionality is maintained at an optimal level.

Included In Every Package:

Speed Optimization

Before your new website ever gets launched, we will put it through its paces with regard to performance and optimal loading times.

Content Migration

Any content which you desire to migrate from your current website will be brought over to the new website and placed optimally according to your specifications.

SEO Tools

We will install any preferred SEO tools that you may have, or we can install Yoast as a plug-in, and then initialize these tools for you.

Functionality Add-ons

Any kind of plug-ins or site components which you desire to have added onto your website, will be integrated into the new customized site by our web development team.

SEO Consulting

Our specialists will provide the benefit of their expertise so that your website's descriptions, titles, H1 tags, and metadata all reflect sound SEO principles. We will also assist you with any redirects necessary as your website is being migrated.

Site Analytics

Even if you're using Google Analytics, we will install a site analytics plug-in which can provide additional support in analyzing customer behavior.

Monthly Updates

Each of our packages includes a number of allowable monthly enhancements or updates, available at your request, and which are generally limited to one hour in duration.

Website Blog

Our team will set up a blog for your website with categories relevant to your business, and if you have posts on your current website, these can be imported into the new one.

Daily Backup

We can handle all of your hosting needs. We provide efficient and comprehensive daily backups. Should you choose to use a different host, we can help you establish a daily backup schedule that will preserve your important business-critical data.

Suggested Hosting:

Our Advanced and Ecommerce websites can be hosted on any Linux-based server.

Ecommerce Web Development Packages

Ecommerce Web Development Packages start at $3,693 or $999 for account setup and $449 per month for 6 months.

*After 6 months, all packages become month-to-month, decreasing to $150/mo, and include one hour of support.

*Websites over 4GB in size will be billed at $10 per additional GB per month.

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Is an Ecommerce WordPress Site Right For You?

I don't have a website

For those who do not have a current e-commerce website, your brand's digital presence will be instantly established by a website. Our specialists will match your situation to the perfect website, so you'll be able to compete in the digital arena. If you are not quite ready to offer products for sale online, we can still provide you with a powerful online presence, which can later be modified so you can conduct business.

I have less than 500 SKUs

If your store has less than 500 SKU's, we will definitely have the perfect solution for you. We limit the number of SKU's in our development packages, so as to keep the cost to our clients low. However, if you have more than this number of products ready for sale, we can work with you to arrive at a custom solution that will be ideal for you.

I am limited on time and budget

Those customers who have constraints on time and budgeting will find that we can deliver results very quickly. Instead of months of development, you can count on a time frame much closer to just four weeks. In terms of your budgeting, you won't feel any kind of strain because we break down the cost of development into a six-month payment plan that eases the burden of having to pay it all upfront.

Frequently Asked Questions


You develop the content, and it can be easily modified or added to by using our Content Management System.

It is possible, although not recommended. For instance, if you purchase a 5-page site but you have 15 web pages, you would be responsible for developing the other 10 pages.

That depends on the package size, but you can always add as many pages as you want after your site has been launched.

We can make the changes you require, within the limitations of your package. You can also make them yourself via our CMS.

Using templates is one of the ways we can keep costs lower for our clients. If you prefer to have a custom site developed, we can certainly do that, although at a somewhat higher cost.


Yes, in fact all sites come with SEO built right in, and with at least one hour of SEO consulting. We also offer SEO packages that specifically address this area.

Domain And Hosting

The monthly charge covers the cost of hosting and security, and also helps to defray the cost of site development so you don't have to pay it all upfront.

Yes, at a rate of $150 per hour.

No, they do not.

We prefer that you do use your existing domain, but we also recommend moving it from your current host to our specific host.


Yes, upon your completion of our Term Agreement. At your option, you may continue the monthly arrangement with us, or we can transfer you to our partner which specializes in monthly maintenance.

We can launch your site in a matter of weeks, not months. The sooner you get all your content to us, the faster we'll be able to launch.

There is only a six-month commitment with your website, and it automatically renews each month until it expires.

No, they do not.