Find Your Niche With Marketing Automation

You’ve heard of a “Jack of All Trades.” The truth is, Jack is overrated. He gets tons of credit for being skilled in so many areas, but no one ever questions the depth of his specialization in anything.
According to, it’s about targeting “a portion of a market that you’ve identi ed as having some special characteristic and that’s worth marketing to.” So while your share of the entire market will drop, your share of that niche market will most likely increase as your focus becomes more narrow and your content becomes more relevant to your audience. In fact, small and crowded niche markets are often just as competitive – and sometimes more so – than their larger counterparts. So it’s critical to do everything you can to not only be an expert in your eld, but to understand exactly how your o ering meets the needs of your target market better than any of your competitors can.

What makes for a good niche?

  • It works with your long-term vision to get you and your business where you want to be.
  • It’s centered around something that people want/need, to ensure you’ll always have a solid customer base.
  • It’s the “only game in town,” meaning that you own the vertical, because you’re the best at what you do and people trust you.
  • It has a strong foundation but with room to evolve, so you can develop additional revenue streams as you see t, while always retaining your core business approach.

All of this sounds fine and dandy, but how do you actually go about doing any of it?

The answer lies in marketing automation, which provides you with the tools to see who you’re working with, what their needs are, what’s working and what’s not. You can track the success of various campaigns to see which ones have worked for which types of businesses, and that way you can begin to define your niche.
According to Forrester – 58% of top-performing companies, where marketing contributes more than half of the sales pipeline have adopted marketing automation

Using Marketing Automation to Find Your Niche

Through detailed behavioral tracking, marketing automation gives you valuable insights into how your current leads are engaging with your brand and content. This allows you to confidently predict which types of leads are the best fit for your business, so you can shape your offering around their specific needs.

Another important step in finding your niche is getting direct feedback from your customers and leads about their experiences with your product or service. Marketing automation helps particularly if you have a large user base, since reaching out to people individually might be difficult or impossible. With marketing automation, you can set up automated email campaigns nudging people to give you feedback or ll out satisfaction surveys. This gets the ball rolling, and you can then decide who to follow up with personally based on the feedback you get.

Using Marketing Automation to Own Your Niche

Once you’ve begun to establish yourself as an authority in your niche, marketing automation continues to support your everyday processes, helping you find and track new leads that the right profile, helping you build trust with them through nurturing programs and other automated campaigns, and providing you with extensive analytics so you can further focus your efforts on what works..
Asking your customers for feedback is important not only for building your niche initially but also for keeping up with the needs of your audience over time. Staying on top of their concerns and any changes in their needs is critical for staying competitive, even if you already own the vertical. Social media is an unbeatable way to get immediate feedback on your offering and on how happy you’re keeping your customers. Marketing automation makes social outreach easier and more scalable and allows you to track every detail of your campaigns so you can ensure you’re getting the most out of them.
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