Small Business Web Development Services

Small Business Websites Built For Your Success

Small business web development services

These days, having a robust online presence is an absolute necessity for all companies. However, it’s simply not enough to have a fantastic website with a beautiful display and meaningful content that is relevant to your target audience. While essential, it’s just as crucial that your website is optimized for search engine rankings, so that potential customers can find your site.

In the not so distant past, small business website design and development could take months, cost a lot, and not even interest your prospective customers. Budget is one of the most significant concerns for most businesses, especially those that are small or startups. We have put together our small business packages to address those specific needs of small and startup businesses. 


Mobile Friendly

With smartphone usage skyrocketing everywhere, it’s an absolute necessity that your website is designed for mobile devices to accommodate your customers. Our team of experts develops your website so that it functions perfectly on all mobile devices, as well as on desktops and other machines. You can expect that all web users, regardless of the device type, can view and use your website in the way intended. You’ll have far less risk losing potential customers to abandonment because of display or functionality issues.

mobile friendly web development services

Web Design Flexibility

We offer hundreds of themes that can serve as the foundation for your new website. Regardless of the type of business you’re in, one of our themes will fit your new business or startup business nicely; we’ll even help you narrow them down. By choosing one of these well-developed, trusted themes as the base for your business website, you’ll avoid the higher cost of a custom designed website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

One of the most critical areas when it comes to your website is ensuring that it’s well-optimized for search. How will you be found? As a base, we build your website with SEO in mind. We don’t cut corners. Search engines update their algorithms frequently. We are always watching for the latest releases. The best way to keep up with the changes in SEO is to subscribe to one of our managed SEO plans.

Fast Page Loading Speed

It’s close to common knowledge that a majority of users abandon a website that loads too slowly and looks for a faster site to find the information, product, or service. Three seconds is the magic number. Our team of designers and developers always uses best practices, which includes optimizing for fast loading times. With pages that are presented instantly to users, you’ll never lose customers again to faster websites, because your website is one of those faster websites. 

Web page loading speed

All packages include:

Design: We have 100’s of themes for you to choose from. We will discuss which one is right for your business during kickoff.

Development: Your new website will be made by professionals with years of experience.

Blog: We will add a Blog so you can share more about your business and/or industry.

Website Analytics: We will setup and install Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Tag Manager so we can see details about the traffic you are receiving. This account will be shared with you but does require a Gmail account.

SEO Tools: We use Yoast, which is one of the leaders in on-page SEO for WordPress. This will allow you to see on the fly how optimized your web pages are and the ability to make changes.

SEO Consulting: We’ll help with redirects, optimizing titles, descriptions, images, and HTML for improved rankings and performance. 

Feature Rich Page Builder – Most commonly we use Elementor which allows you to add content like you never have. Ask us for a demo.

Updates: We will keep your new website up to date if you choose to host with us.. This will help keep it secure.

Training: At launch time, a meeting will be set up to show a member or members of your team how to use your new website.


Small business website packages start at $1700. Contact us to discuss which package is right for you!

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