Small Business Web Development Services

Small Business Websites Built For Success

Small business web development services

These days, having a strong online presence is an absolute necessity, for both large corporations and small businesses. However, it’s simply not enough to have a fantastic website with a beautiful display and meaningful content which is relevant to any company’s target audience. While those things are essential, it’s just as important that your website be optimized for search engine rankings, so that potential customers can be directed to your site.

In the past, website development might take months of design, development, and testing, and upon completion there would inevitably be modifications necessary, so that altogether a great deal of time would be involved, and the cost would be extremely high. At Accurate Web Solution, we have changed that whole scenario drastically, typically delivering fully functional small business web development services in four to six weeks, and at a cost which almost any small business can easily afford. We even make payment much easier, by offering monthly installment options to clients, so their normal budgets are not strongly impacted.

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Who Will Be Helped By Our Services?

small business web development services

Our web design services are primarily used by small to medium-sized businesses of all types, and among those companies, we are often engaged to develop systems which must be ready within weeks rather than months, because rapid development is important to many of our clients. Our clients rely on us to deliver a high-quality product at an affordable price which does not strain their budgets. When we design and develop your website for you, you can count on it being thoroughly optimized for search engines, having an attractive display which appeals to users, and supplying content which would be useful and important to readers, so they’ll want to keep coming back for more.

Design Flexibility

We offer literally dozens of templates which can serve as the foundation for a new website, and which will strengthen your online presence. Regardless of the type of business you’re in, one of our templates will fit your business nicely, and can serve as the framework for all the content you need to display to potential customers. By choosing one of these outstanding templates as the base for your business website, you will also be avoiding the high cost of developing a website from the ground up.

Mobile Friendly

With smartphone usage skyrocketing in this country, as well as increased usage of all types of mobile devices, it’s an absolute necessity that your website be designed in a responsive manner to accommodate mobile usage. Our team of specialists will design your website so that it functions perfectly on all mobile devices, as well as on desktops and other machines. This means you can expect that all computer users regardless of the device type being used, will be able to view and use your website in an optimal manner. You won’t lose any potential customers to abandonment because of functional concerns.

mobile friendly web development services
Web page loading speed

Fast Page Loading Speed

It has been well documented that a majority of users will abandon a website that loads too slowly, and that they will navigate to a faster competitor’s website. When we design your website for you, this simply won’t happen. Our team of designers and developers always uses the Google-preferred website builder which optimizes Page Speed. With pages that are presented instantly to users, you’ll never lose customers again to faster websites, because your website will be one of those faster websites.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the most critical components in website design is ensuring that your site is optimized for search engines, so that a high volume of traffic can be directed to your site. Any website development package that you purchase from us will include expert SEO design, and will incorporate all the best practices from the most current SEO directives. Search engine optimization principles change frequently, and our team of experts is always aware of the latest developments in this area, so you can expect your website will be completely up-to-date with regard to SEO.
Search Engine Optimization

Monthly Enhancements And Updates

Need some help improving your site after it’s launched? Our web marketing management specialists can add pages or images, change basic design elements or contact forms, and much more. For most of our packages, we’ll spend time each month making these updates to your site. To see how many monthly update sessions each package includes, check out the options below.

Intuitive Management

Once your site has been launched, it will be extremely easy for you to make any changes intuitively. Our websites are equipped with a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor, which allows you to perform simple drag-and-drop operations on all screen elements, so they can be positioned exactly where you want them. It’s also very easy to introduce new elements to any page, and place them in an optimal position as well.

Customer Analytics

All of our website packages include an Analytics Dashboard which can be priceless to you in terms of deriving insights into customer behavior. The greater understanding you have of your customers’ preferences and behaviors, the better you will be able to supply their wants and needs with your website content. This is a formula which leads to increased sales and greater customer engagement, because you’re much more in tune with their thought processes and their behaviors.

What We Have Accomplished For Our Clients

We have assisted literally thousands of small business clients in designing and developing a website which perfectly fit their needs, whether that was based on one of our many templates, or it was developed from scratch as a customized site. This wealth of experience and knowledge can be brought to bear on the website which we develop for your small business as well.


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Small Business Website Packages

Small business website packages start at $1693 or $499 setup and $199 per month for 6 months. Contact us to discuss which package is right for you!

*After 6 months, all packages become month-to-month, decreasing to $60/mo, and include one hour of support.

*Websites over 2GB in size will be billed at $10 per additional GB per month.

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Additional Information


To launch your website efficiently, we’ll need all the text content for the site within two weeks.

Logos/Other Graphics
High quality graphics in either .svg, .jpg, or .png.

High quality images are a very important element to a beautiful site. If you don’t have any pictures, we can recommend optional stock photos.

A clear outline of which pages will be included on the site

Contact Forms
Additional information you need to collect on your forms beyond name, email, and phone.

Existing Logins
If we are using an existing domain, we need to have your login credentials prior to starting.

In order to bring off the most efficient launching of your website, we’ll need all the site content within two weeks, and we’ll also need any images or videos you plan to use. If you don’t have any specific visuals in mind, we can supply them from stock material. Any logos or brand images that you intend to use must also be supplied to us. We will also require a clear sitemap of the pages which will be included, and we need to know about any information other than standard info that you intend to collect on your contact form. Prior to starting work, we’ll also need your existing login credentials, so we can have the required access.


Content Creation 
Clients are responsible for providing the content that goes in the site. Our developers rely on completed content to put into the site and do not write new content.

Graphic Design 
Websites do not come with graphic design work included. If you would like logos or any other design projects, these are priced separately through our graphic design team.

Email services and hosting are not provided. We will set up the website forms to forward to an existing email account of yours.

All sites include 1 or 2 hours of SEO Consulting (depending on package size). Though built with SEO best practices in mind, Small Business Websites do not have any ongoing SEO work included.

You must develop your own content for the website, and our developers will simply include that content in the layout as they make progress. We do not include graphic designs as part of our service fee; if you require new graphic design, we can accommodate your wishes for an extra fee. Hosting and email services are not included as part of our standard service, but we can setup website forms which will forward your existing email account. All website development packages include at least one or two hours of SEO consulting. Although all sites are constructed with good SEO principles in place, there is no specific SEO work included.

Frequently Asked Questions


You develop the content, and it can be easily modified or added to by using our Content Management System.

It is possible, although not recommended. For instance, if you purchase a 5-page site but you have 15 web pages, you would be responsible for developing the other 10 pages.

That depends on the package size, but you can always add as many pages as you want after your site has been launched.

We can make the changes you require, within the limitations of your package. You can also make them yourself via our CMS.

Using templates is one of the ways we can keep costs lower for our clients. If you prefer to have a custom site developed, we can certainly do that, although at a somewhat higher cost.


Yes, in fact all sites come with SEO built right in, and with at least one hour of SEO consulting. We also offer SEO packages that specifically address this area.

Domain And Hosting

The monthly charge covers the cost of hosting and security, and also helps to defray the cost of site development so you don't have to pay it all upfront.

Yes, at a rate of $150 per hour.

No, they do not.

We prefer that you do use your existing domain, but we also recommend moving it from your current host to our specific host.


Yes, upon your completion of our Term Agreement. At your option, you may continue the monthly arrangement with us, or we can transfer you to our partner which specializes in monthly maintenance.

We can launch your site in a matter of weeks, not months. The sooner you get all your content to us, the faster we'll be able to launch.

There is only a six-month commitment with your website, and it automatically renews each month until it expires.

No, they do not.