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Customized Web Development Services?

Website Design and Development

For all those customers who are involved in unique kinds of business, or for those who prefer to have their websites designed and developed from the ground up, Accurate Web Solution offers customizable Website Design and Development  services. When we partner with you to customize your new website, we will ensure that any WordPress website theme used will be the perfect match for your company brand. It will also be search engine optimized so that all potential customers will find your site because of its high ranking.
Whatever you’re hoping to achieve from the online presence of your website, our expert team of designers and developers will help you realize all those objectives.

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Custom WordPress Websites

For most clients desiring customized websites, we have been able to deliver a high-quality website which is closely attuned to their specific business within 6 weeks. This means that you won’t have to wait months and months in order to enjoy the benefits of your new website, and you can begin reaping the benefits of a mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, attractive website soon after consulting with us.

Your Website Designed For Conversions

Having a high volume of visitors come to your website is of course highly desirable, but what you’re really after is to convert all those visitors into customers, and our website designs always incorporate that principle. Keeping the customer’s journey in mind at all times, our developers will create a very appealing layout which is easy to navigate. Calls to action will be kept simple and very clear, so that your users will be guided toward becoming a new lead for your business, and those who are further along in their journey will be converted into paying customers. Visual appeal, high functionality, and an attention to business objectives will all be woven into the fabric of your customized website, to provide the ideal online presence for your business.

Search Engine Optimized

When we build a custom website for you, you can expect that it will be search engine optimized, according to the latest and best practices used by search engine crawlers today. Our specialists are aware of all the most current developments and practices in SEO, and all these principles are designed right into the framework of your customized website. That means you can expect a high volume of traffic to your site, because it will be highly ranked on the search engines so users can easily find your website.

Responsive And Affordable

Your customized website will be designed and developed in such a manner that it can be optimally displayed on any device whatsoever. This of course is extremely critical nowadays, given the fact that there are so many possible computing devices browsing the web. Even with this functionality built-in, you won’t have to worry about paying an arm and a leg for a customized website, because the cost of design and development can be broken down into monthly payments which are easy to manage for any business. This will allow you to reinvest in your business, so that you can enjoy the fruits delivered by your brand-new Accurate Web Solution customized website.

Included In Every Package:

Speed Optimization

Before your new website ever gets launched, we will put it through its paces with regard to performance and optimal loading times.

Content Migration

Any content which you desire to migrate from your current website will be brought over to the new website and placed optimally according to your specifications.

SEO Tools

We will install any preferred SEO tools that you may have, or we can install Yoast as a plug-in, and then initialize these tools for you.

Functionality Add-ons

Any kinds of plug-ins or site components which you desire to have added onto your website, will be integrated into the new customized site by our web development team.

SEO Consulting

Our specialists will provide the benefit of their expertise so that your website's descriptions, titles, H1 tags, and metadata all reflect sound SEO principles. We will also assist you with any redirects necessary as your website is being migrated.

Site Analytics

Even if you're using Google Analytics, we will install a site analytics plug-in which can provide additional support in analyzing customer behavior.

Monthly Updates

Each of our packages includes a number of allowable monthly enhancements or updates, available at your request, and which are generally limited to one hour in duration.

Website Blog

Our team will set up a blog for your website with categories relevant to your business, and if you have posts on your current website, these can be imported into the new one.

Daily Backup

We can handle all your hosting and email needs in-house. We offer comprehensive daily backups. Should you choose to use a different host, we can help you establish a daily backup schedule that will preserve your important business-critical data.

Custom Web Development

Custom websites start at $3000 with several payment options.

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